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The mechanism of the effect of magnetic therapy on the human body

This direction of the physiotherapy is based on the effect of alternating magnetic field of low frequency on the entire body of a patient or a part of it. Under the influence of this field tissues of the human organism is not magnetized. But such constituent elements of the tissue as water and blood components, can receive magnetic properties.

Used for the treatment of variables (high or low) or constant magnetic field. They can be applied in a continuous or pulsed (discontinuous) modes. Pulses, depending on the method can possess a different frequency, duration and form.

Magnetic therapy is the only kind of physiotherapeutic procedures, which can be used even during the acute form of the disease, in severe pain and temperature. It used to resorption of hematomas and removal of inflammation. The main purpose of magnetotherapy can be called a fight is a pain, especially chronic pain.

In the human body magnetic field leads to changes in such biologically active substances: enzymes, proteins and nucleic acids. They also have an impact on free radicals.

We can say that the methods of magnetotherapy affect the organism at very deep levels: sub molecular, molecular and subcellular.

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