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Why is it advantageous to cooperate with us?

1. Manufacture and sales of products under our own trade name.
2. More than 20 years experience of work with foreign partners in the field of magnetotherapy.
3. Wide range of manufactured products.
4. Prices affordable for all levels of the population.
5. Continual availability of products in the warehouse.
6. Earliest possible periods of orders delivery.
7. Availability of all permits, licenses and approvals.

What is magnetotherapy?

      Magnetotherapy is treatment of illnesses with magnetic fields. Methods of magnetotherapy in this country are considered to be medical. They are used widely enough in public and private patient care institutions of Russia. These methods are comfortable for a patient and have an apparent positive effect.

Magnetic therapy: the principle of action          All video

We can say that magnetotherapy is a safe and inexpensive method. It does not result in a patient’s habituation and does not have side effects. This method very often proves to be able to adequately replace different medicines. It is important that this method can be applied by people of different age, and it is even suitable for debilitated patients. Currently, the method of magnetotherapy is successfully used to treat and prevent different illnesses. It is especially widely used in Japan, China and America.
     Influence of magnetotherapy on a human body
   Today it is possible to use magnetotherapy not only in health care institutions. Devices for home use have been developed. Our site presents a catalogue of Biomag medical application products based on permanent magnets produced by Nadezhda Limited Liability Company.

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partsof the body
Magnetic and acupunctural applicators
Magnetic-and-massaging devices
Devices for liquids magnetizing
Magnetic applicators with tourmaline
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