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Universal magnetic base

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The base is intended for changing the molecular structure of any liquids (restructuring) by magnetic field action just before their use. The magnetic field produced by the base makes the liquids obtain new unusual properties without changing their chemical composition; as a result the liquids become biologically active and produce a curative effect on the whole body when applied internally and externally. After the exposure, the restructured liquid positively influences first of all the metabolism and energy exchange in the human body; it is a powerful system of natural clearing of internals, it is used at treating the diseases of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular diseases, arthritisis and osteochondrosis, at treating infectious diseases; its application improves the taste of drinks and dishes, accelerates seed germination and growth of seedlings, improves the properties of cosmetics, improves flow-ability and dissolving capacity of liquids, reduces scale formation of water solutions, accelerates the repair of wounds, cuts and scratches.

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