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Magnetic energy, spicular applicator

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The spicular magnetic applicator combines two methods of action: reflex action (action of spikes on nerve endings) and magnetic field action. This combination allows to get more effectivity of treatment, that makes the item significally different from those produced before.

The spicular modules of the applicator act on nerve endings and nociceptors, that promotes the opening of vessels and capillaries increasing the blood flow in the region of exposure. Simultaneously with that, the magnetic field created by permanent magnets activates metabolic processes in the blood and lymph cells, increases the dissolving capacity of blood by lowering the level of cholesterol and prevents formation of thrombi. The integrated effect of acupressure massage and magnetic field increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, resulting in slowing down inflammatory processes and removing painful sensations, relieving muscular tension in the regions of exposure and restoring the tone of tissues and muscles.

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