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ФThe mask of youthФ (magnetoelastic ophthalmologic applicator)

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”The mask of youth” is intended for relieving tension of your eyes, relieving headache, preventing premature aging of skin and formation of eye-around wrinkles.

The magnetoelastic ophthalmologic applicator is intended for therapeutic action of constant magnetic field on biologically active points on the orbicular muscle of the eye and eyebrow on the basis of principles of classical eastern reflexotherapy. ” The mask of youth” makes a favorable regenerating action on the condition of eyelids, ageing eye-around skin increasing its elasticity, preventing formation of wrinkles and reducing the existing ones; it is also used for treating conjunctivitis, improving memory, heightening the spirits, improving the emotional state and general state of the body.

” The mask of youth” can be used both as an independent drug-free treatment and in combination with other medicines.

The applicator represents a cloth mask with 11 incorporated elastomagnets located at the level of biologically active points — the orbicular muscle of the eye and eyebrow.

The shape of the mask, sizes of openings for the eyes and nose are the same for all pieces. The magnetic induction on the surface of elastomagnets is 35+10 mT. The mask does not lose its magnetic properties for 7 — 8 years.

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