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Magnetoelastic bandage

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Elastic bandage activated with magnetic field is used for auxiliary and combined magnetotherapy.

Health-improving effect of magnetism imparts the parameters of healthy energy-and-information exchange to the cellular structure of the body. The heteropolar magnetic system incorporated into the bandage replenishes biophysical resources of the human body.

The bandage can be easily fixed on any part of the body including the hindhead and frons.

It can be secured on the patient’s patella, elbow joint and even on the heel.

The bandage is long enough to wrap up the coxofemoral region and the depth of magnetic fluids penetration (exceeding 5 cm) can positively influence the functioning of liver, kidneys, stomach and other internals.

It is allowed to apply the bandage over compresses, oinments and herbal balms. A warm plaid, scarf or hot-water bottle will just balance the curative effect of magnetic radiation.

Usage of the bandage during athletic training and physical exercises is especially favorable.

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