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Magnetic funnel (antiscale continuous-flow device)

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The magnetic funnel is intended for magnetizing of liquids just before their use. Water and water solutions passed through the funnel obtain finer and more homogeneous structure; this fact significantly increases their bioactivity, ecological cleanness, flow-ability and dissolving capacity.

Magnetized water influences favorably the condition of gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the growth of plants and animals, improves the strength of building mixtures and staining solutions (including the strength of paints), reduces scale formation and consumption of cleansing agents; increases permeability of biologic membranes of tissue cells; lowers the level of cholesterol in blood and liver; controls the blood pressure; improves metabolism; facilitates litholysis of stones in the kidneys, urinary bladder and gallbladder. Rinsing with magnetized water facilitates removal of dental calculus and curing of parodontosis. Magnetizations improves the quality of coolants at the same time increasing the cutting tool life and quality of machining, increases the efficiency of fuels and lubricants.

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