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УSource of healthФ, magnetic mug

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Magnetized liquid is one of the effective means of developing immunity and taking care of one’s health. It can be obtained quite easily thanks to magnetic mug, a simple and convenient device of magnetotherapy.


Any liquid in the mug is exposed to the action of magnetic field (magnetization), and the molecules of such liquid can more easily penetrate into the cells and tissues enhancing their nourishment and cell metabolism. Magnetized liquid influences most favorably the immune system of a person, reduces fatigability and risk of getting ill, slows down the ageing process and makes the lifetime longer.

Regular taking of such liquid increases the iron content in blood, reduces deposits of calcium and cholesterol on the vessel walls, improves blood circulation and saturation of tissues with oxygen, normalizes pressure and improves metabolism in the body. Magnetized liquids represent the most powerful system of natural clearing of internals, kidneys, vessels, bowels and joints.

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