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Magnetic orthopedic girdle corset with stiffening ribs

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The corset ensures fixation of the lumbar spine,

restricts abrupt movements preventing exasperation of pain,

reduces the load on spine at physical activity, reduces the back muscles fatigability,

warms the loin muscles, improves blood circulation,

relieves muscle pains,

removes edemata and inflammations,

protects the spine at radiculitis, traumas and muscle strain.


The corset is used at lumbosacral radiculitis, osteochondrosisе, spondylosisе, dislocation of vertebra, for relieving muscle pain, to subside edemata and inflammations, to protect the lumbar spine at traumas and muscle strain and as a means of rehabilitation in the post-operation period. The curative effect is achieved due to complex effect of magnetic field on the region of application and relieving the load from the spine and back muscles. The corset fits the body, supports the back in the correct position reducing the load on muscles and makes the effect of warming. At the same time the magnetic field effect brings about dilation of capillaries, rise of temperature in the tissues, acceleration of blood flow; oxygen and nutrients supply is increased, and metabolic processes in the body cells and tissues are enhanced.

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