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Magnetic spicular massaging roller

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It is intended for therapeutic massage and surface acupuncture of skin, muscles, joints, zones of pain and reflex zones. The curative effect is achieved by complex irritant action of needles and constant magnetic field that improves blood supply and metabolism both in the region of exposure and in the whole body resulting in slowing down inflammatory processes and removing painful sensations, relieving muscular tension in the regions of exposure and restoring the tone of tissues and muscles. The roller spikes act on nerve endings and nociceptors, that promotes the opening of vessels and capillaries increasing the blood flow in the region of exposure. Simultaneously with that, the magnetic field created by permanent magnets activates metabolic processes in the blood and lymph cells, increases the dissolving capacity of blood by lowering the level of cholesterol and prevents formation of thrombi.

The roller is an effective means of treating the diseases of musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urogenital systems.

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