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Magnetic spicular massaging device for feet

Retail price: 975 rub.
Wholesale price: 650 rub.

- Improvement of blood supply of feet and removal of edemata,
- Prevention and treatment of flat foot,
- Relieving muscle strain in the foot, improvement of the state of musculoskeletal system,
- Assistance in treating and preventing diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems,

- Improvement of capacity for work and vitality, normalization of metabolism, development of immunity, positive influence on emotional and physical state.

The foot surface has a lot of biologically active points and reflex areas linked to all internals. At rotation of spiked rollers, biologically active points of the foot are massaged, blood circulation in the regions of exposure and in the body in general is improved. Simultaneously with that, the magnetic field created by permanent magnets, activates metabolic processes in the cells of blood increasing its dissolving capacity by lowering the level of cholesterol, prevents formation of thrombi, accelerates clearing of metabolic products. Complex action of acupuncture and magnetic field results in mobilization of internal resources of the body, normalization of action of internals, inflammatory processes slow down, painful sensations are relieved, cenesthesia is improved and a feeling of internal comfort is brought.

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