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Magnetic stick (universal antiscale device)

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Application of magnetized liquid favors:
- improvement of elasticity of blood vessels;
- reduction of blood viscosity and normalization of pressure;
- clearance of blood-vascular system;
- improvement of work of digestive apparatus;
- natural clearance of liver, kidneys and bowels;
- increase of disease resistance of the body and immunity development.


The magnetic field action on liquids is one of the simplest methods of improving their quality and giving them useful properties. At home it is possible to get magnetic liquid with the help of magnetic stick. After exposure to the action of magnetic field the molecules of liquid can more easily penetrate into the cells of tissues enhancing their nourishment and cell metabolism. Regular taking of such liquid increases fatigability and risk of getting ill, slows down the ageing process, increases the iron content in blood, reduces deposits of calcium and cholesterol on the vessel walls, improves blood circulation and saturation of tissues with oxygen, normalizes pressure and improves metabolism in the body.

The magnetic stick is made from nontoxic plastic for food industry (polypropylene) and does not suffer corrosion or oxidation under the influence of liquid. A permanent magnet with a strength of 500 Gs (50 mT) is incorporated into the round end.

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