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Magnetic roller massaging device

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- improvement and facilitation of lymph flow;
- improvement of blood circulation, activation of lipolysis processes;
- acceleration of hematoma resolution; 
- relief of painful sensations;
- relief of muscle spasms;
- softening of scar tissues, facilitating the removal of stretchings;
- acceleration of clearing of excessive liquid and toxins;
- breaking of fat deposits, improvement and strengthening of the body contours.


The magnetic roller massaging device is a convenient and effective means of massage at home. Usage of the massaging device allows to obtain dual curative effect by combining classical massage and action of magnetic field. The rollers of the massaging device can very well move in different planes precisely following the anatomic lines that results in covering large regions of the body stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow, improving metabolism, supplying the skin with oxygen and improving the elasticity of muscles. The curative effect of massage is increased by the magnetic field created by permanent magnets inside the rollers. The magnetic field activates metabolic processes in the blood and lymph cells, increases the dissolving capacity of blood by lowering the level of cholesterol and prevents formation of thrombi.

The massaging device is used at osteochondrosisе, spondylosisе, arthritisisе, arthrosis, radiculitis, lumbago, pains in muscles and headaches, to remove edemata and muscle strain, to improve the condition of skin and reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits.

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