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Magnetoelastic fixator of shoulder joint

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- prevention and treatment of shoulder joint illnesses;
- rehabilitation after injuries and operations;
- relieving of muscle pain and inflammations at physical activity;
- prevention of recurrence of dislocation at shoulder-slips.

The magnetic fixator of shoulder joint is a convenient and simple in use means of treatment and prevention of shoulder joint illnesses. The fixator ensures medium degree of fixation and slight compression of the upper portion of shoulder and shoulder joint and produces a warming effect. Magnetic field action brings about dilation of capillaries, improvement of blood supply in the regions of exposure; increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues resulting in removal of inflammations, edemata and painful sensations. The fixator is recommended for use at treatment and prevention of illnesses of the shoulder, shoulder joint and collar bone (arthroses and arthritises, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritises and arthroses of acromioclavicular joint, fractures of shoulder neck, partial ligamentous injuries of shoulder joint, shoulder-slips, myositis, deterioration of pectoral arch muscles), at rehabilitation after injuries and operations, to remove inflammations and relieve pains at intense physical activity and injuries.

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