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Magnetic forehead wrap

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Wholesale price: 240 rub.

The magnetic forehead wrap is made from elastic material; it contains 4 permanent magnets, with their magnetized side facing the body, creating the magnetic field with a strength of 600 Gs. The usage of the forehead wrap improves cerebral circulation in the regions of exposure, intensifies the supply of oxygen to the brain cells, improves elasticity of vascular walls, facilitates cleansing of vessels of cholesterol and calcium deposits, removes inflammations and relieves pain.

It is recommended to use the wrap in complex therapy for migraines and other headaches, insomnia, depression, cerebral atherosclerosis, vertigoes, head noises and to improve memory. The wrap application as an auxiliary means improves effectiveness of treating disseminated sclerosis, stroke, brain concussion and other head injuries; it is also used for prevention of illnesses of musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It is recommended to apply the bandage to all people over 50 years old.

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