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Universal magnetic Insoles

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Magnetic inner soles are based on the theory of the greatest discovery of the Old China medicine: a link between acupunctural and reflexogenic zones of a human foot and all organs of the body. When walking barefoot, people train and strengthen their whole body by massaging their feet. But how can this wonderful effect be achieved if we are got accustomed to footwear? Here magnetic inner soles will help you. They will give you pleasure of contact with natural earth field as it happens when you walk barefoot while the dew is still on the ground, help you relax and bring back the feeling of being strong and healthy.

Magnetic inner soles are made from hygienical plastics, with therapeutic magnetic balls integrated into the basis. Small elastic spikes functioning as a massaging device create a stratum of air between the foot and inner sole. This results in a number of effects useful for you.

Biologically active points of the foot are given double massage — magnetic and physiological. It makes the air flow to the foot better. Here you can find the clue to unraveling a mystery of your recovery and strengthening your body. It was not without any particular reason that in ancient Rome it was prohibited for young people under the age of 25 to wear shoes.

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